Giantess Vore: Eat Him Alive and Shit Him Out

Giantess Vore: Eat Him Alive and Shit Him Out
My darling boyfriend, Ante, knows that I have the ability to shrink people down to miniature size. He loves it, loves my mouth, and wants me to be shrunken so he can experience the feeling of being swallowed whole. He wants to slide down my esophagus, down to my stomach, and exit out with my excrement.I love him and I want him in one piece. I want to show him what happens when I shrink and digest a man. I decide to pick Bobby, this a-hole from my school as a test experiment. Bobby deserves this treatment.While I am swallowing Bobby, my boyfriend watches. His cock is raging hard and dying to break free from his pants. I use Bobby as a spice in my pasta, and I swallow the noodles whole. You can see my entire mouth, my uvula, and my pretty pink tongue as the noodles slide down whole. Watch as I pick up Bobby and slide him down my throat.I love feeling Bobby struggle inside my stomach, and even more watching my guy stroke his cock furiously to my cruel punishment for Bobby. I masturbate while he struggles through the pasta in my stomach. I fuck my pussy so hard while I watch Bobby stroke his cock. I love how it turns him on.It’s time to show my guy what happens when I swallow a guy whole. I want to teach him what a man looks like when he is digested. OMG I love the feeling of intense pressure and cramping when I am holding in a poo. The release feels amazing, and I moan in ecstasy. My guy is watching me with another hard on, ready to fuck me. But first I want my guy to realize that although shrinking, swallowing, and Shiting is sexy, it will only be sexy for one more time.. if you know what I mean (wink wink). This is the uncensored version!!

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